How to apply data?    2.   How long does it take to get data?   3.   Who is eligible to apply data?          

  •  Application can be made using the form that can be downloaded from

  • For common data application must be submitted no later than 3 working days before the date of the data needed and for complex data applications must be submitted no later than 5 working days before the date of the data needed.

  •  There are two categories of applicant :- -internal party consisting of staff and students -external parties involving the government and the private sector


    1. Where information and promotion application requirements can be obtained?

    Information promotion procedures and application requirements such as the promotion of such forms can be obtained

    2. Who is qualified to be an Independent Assessor for the purpose of Raising Academic Officers?

    2. Independent Assessors are recommended by the Faculty and are referred to the Senate for approval. Independent Assessors have excellent academic background, meeting specific H-INDEX according to the prescribed field and other criteria set by the Senate.

    1. When will UPM advertise Job Vacancy for UPM Service? 2. How to apply Job Vacancy in UPM? 3. When is the interview date?  

    1. The advertisement will be publish in January to March and also between September to December every year. The planning will be made by Human Resources Management Division and the execution will be made by Recruitment Section in Registra Office. 2. Application can be made through SPJ Online using url based on the advetisement. 3. All succesfull candidates will be notify through email once has been shorlisted by the Committee Members.


    What is the function or role of the Training Section (Academic)? Where can I get more information on study leave?  What are the qualifications to apply for sabbatical leave? Apakah syarat-syarat permohonan cuti belajar? Apakah syarat umur untuk memohon cuti belajar? Berapakah tempoh ikatan pegawai yang menerima kemudahan cuti belajar? Apakah peraturan untuk memohon pelanjutan cuti belajar?  

    1. Academic Training Section is responsible for performing the activity for Academic Officer as follows:

    -Plan, implement and coordinate the implementation of the following activities:  a. Mind Transformation Program (Academic Officer); b. Study Leave; c. Sabbatical leave; d. Sub-Specialty Leave; e. Postdoctoral leave; f. Research leave, and g. Coordinate training programs for career advancement.
      -Plan, implement and coordinate the leadership of the Academic Officer, and -Manage the application and approval of the Professional Training program and activities and financing abroad.
    2. Further details on study leave are available in the e-guide which can be accessed on the website

    3. An officer may be considered for sabbatical leave for a period of: - 

    a) Not later than five (5) months if it has fulfilled the continuous service for three (3) years with Universiti Putra Malaysia; b) Not later than nine (9) months if it had fulfilled the period of continuous service for five (5) years with Universiti Putra Malaysia  

    What are the training goals that need to achieve each year? What forms of training can be considered in calculating staff training CPD? What forms of training can be considered in calculating staff training CPD? If I need to attend internally organized training, how can I apply? If I need to attend training organized by an external agency and need financing, how can I apply?

  • Starting in 2015, UPM has introduced the Continous Eye Development System (CPD) in which all staff are required to achieve 42 CPD points annually. This requirement is also in line with the government's intention to target 7 days a year training as stated in the Billing Service Circular. 6, 2005.
  • Exercises taken into account in CPD calculation include courses, workshops, seminars (training categories), talks, motivational programs, knowledge sharing (learning sessions category) and reading books, watching training videos and video streaming (self-learning categories)
  • UPM staff attendance records are stored in the Training Management System (SPL) accessible using the PUTRA ID
  • In general, applications can be submitted either online using the Training Management System (SPL) or by using the application form which can be downloaded from the UPM Quality Management System website
  • Applications can be submitted to PTJ management (if using PTJ vot) or Registrar's Office (using university training vot). Approval is subject to PTJ / UPM's requirements, justifications, impacts and financial capabilities

    1. What is the function of he Medical Section and Employee Relations ?2. Can refund be made if there is a clinic Non-Panel?    3. What is the maximum limit for reimbursement of eligible done?  4. Who is entitled to get medical treatment in the clinic UPM panel?    

    1. Among the functions of this section are: - -To plan , manage, monitor and implement both the medical facility staff and retirees  UPM ; a) Business Books Medical Staff ; b) Bill Payment Panel Clinics , Hospitals, IJN , Dialysis Center , NPFDB , National  Tuberculosis Center and University Health Center ; c) Issue a Letter of Guarantee ( GL ) ; d) Managing Appointments Panel Clinic e) Claims of medical / dental / health screening staff f) To update staff / dependents in the file and the
    system -Managing the Medical Board ; -Plan, manage and implement Departmental Council Meeting -Plan, manage and implement the Medical Committee Meeting UPM ; -Plan, manage and implement the Employee Welfare Committee Meeting ; -Plan, manage and implement the Committee meeting Occupational Safety and Health
    Office of the Registrar -Plan, manage and implement the Training and Administration Building Fire drill PPPA -Plan, manage and implement UPM Staff Welfare Fund ; -Manage, coordinate and monitor the Customer Service Day UPM and -Manage and monitor the staff housing loan applications, home relocation allowances, pension withdrawals for employees,  employers’ Declaration and the Letter of Declaration for Marital Status -To manage matters related to UPM staff quarters . -Manage the procurement of staff uniforms UPM

    2. Can. Please fill in the claim form and attach medical care along the original receipt.

    3. RM45 per receipt.

    4. Staff and dependents, including his / her spouse and children aged 18 years.  Children who are studying is up to 21 years old

    1.How many marks of annual performance evaluation to get annual salary movement?

    Minimum marks to enable the staff to receive an annual salary increment is 60%

    How long does it take to process applications submitted allowance?

    The ideal period required is 7 working days of receipt of the applications

    1.When an officer can be confirmed in service?

    1. An officer can be confirmed in service after fulfilling the conditions of approval set out in the scheme of service as follows: i. serve on probation for one (1) to three (3) years; ii. successfully attended the induction course General and Special; iii. passed the examination for the position of certain services as provided for in the scheme of service; iv. certified by the Head of Department; v. additional terms PDP for Medical Lecturer (Coach) Grade DU45 is passed Master Expertise and approved the Senate; and vi. Additional requirements for the PDP Lecturer Grade DS45 is commenced studies at the Ph.D.

    1. How long that can be considered as Absenteeism?2. How to manage the problem of staff who commits an offense is absent from duty alternately that are sometimes present, sometimes not?  3. What action can be taken by the Head of Department/Officer supervisor if staff obtain false medical certificates and are due a Head of Department/Officer Supervisors approve sick leave for staff to submit a medical certificate from a private clinic?  

    1. According to Regulation 23, the Statutory Bodies (Discipline and Surcharge) Act 2000            Act 605, explained “absence”, in relation to an officer, includes a failure to be present for any length of time at a time and place where the officer is required to be present for the performance of his duties.

    2. Action should be initiated as soon as staffs have committed the offense without waiting until the day that they do not present it reaches a certain amount. In the early stages of the offense and the amount still to some extent, staff should ideally be given advice and guidance from the Head of Department/Supervising Officer.

    3. Keep in mind that the medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner (doctor) is as a certificate/confirmation that staff are unwell and recommended resting on the date specified. If the Head of Department / Supervising Officer agreed with the doctor’s staff sick leave may be approved.
    If the Head of Department/Supervising Officer has doubts in the medical certificate submitted by staff, the Head of Department/Supervising Officer may investigate the validity of the medical certificate to get a confirmation by mail from the clinic or hospital issuing the medical certificate. To facilitate the Head of Department / Supervising Officer in managing cases of staff absent from duty,the Disciplinary Section has also provided e-book kit for Process Absenteeism Staff Action with Amend Certificate Sick Leave or Submitting Fake Certificates that can be loaded on the Registrar;s Office website.

    Types of UPM General File Classification Types

    The latest general file classification of Universiti Putra Malaysia.

    1.Why have held internal audit? 2.Why was the audit conducted by SIRIM?

    1.To ensure the quality management system meets the planning and well executed and effective. Any non-conformity report (NCR) reported during the audit. Any report (either observation or NCR) of the last audit, will be reviewed when the current audit of preventive and corrective actions.

    2.There are three types of audits conducted by SIRIM the Compliance Audit (Compliance Audit), Audit Oversight and Audit Certification / Recertification. These audits are conducted to assess the implementation of MS ISO 9001:2008. At the same time the purpose of this audit was to determine compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System / ISO 9001:2008 requirements and verify the effective implementation of corrective actions on prior audit findings. Recertification audit conducted to review the changes that occurred prior SPK awarded new

    1.What Innovative and Creative Circle (ICC)? 2.What is innovation? 3.What is creativity?

    1.A small group (4 to 10) representing the same workplace or cross-functional group to identify problems, analyze and solve problems or find opportunities to improve existing processes or / and introduce processes, new products or services to add value to service delivery and innovative creative department.

    2.Innovation is a method to find a way to produce a product or service better either through modification or improvement.

    3.Creativity is the ability or the ability to create, develop and produce something new or in a new form through imaginative skill. It involves:   • Ability to think that new ideas are unique and interesting • Ability to think critically and analytically evaluate the idea and then submit the proposed settlement • Ability to think practically and translate ideas and theory to application form

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