1. I still have a balance of annual leave of 13 days prior to study leave. I got an offer of full paid study leave from 02.06.2019 to 01.06.2022. The question is, do I need to used all my annual leave?

    Annual Leave rates are calculated based on the qualifying service. Service that qualify means the services taken into account in calculating the eligibility of an employee's leave and includes working hours, leave and sick leave (and for teachers including full-time paid school leave), but excludes paid leave, unpaid leave salary, pilgrimage, tuberculosis leave, leprosy and cancer and study leave. In this case, the eligible leave rate is calculated based on the following formula:       


    Contoh Pengiraan Kelayakan Cuti Rehat:     

    Leave Eligibility for 2019: 152/365 x 25 = 10 days

    The officer cannot spend his 13-day leave because the leave eligibility until 01.06.2019 is only 10 days. If an employee has spent all of his or her 13-day leave, then the employee will be subject to 3 days pay and emoluments deduction pursuant to the provisions of General Order C Chapter 14A (a) (b) and Service Circular No. 4 of 2009 (Effect above services for employees approved on full paid leave, part-time and unpaid leave).


  2. I did not spend the remaining vacation leave before study leave / unpaid. Do I eligible for the rest of my leave after I report back from study leave? Am I eligible to make an application to bring forward the rest of my leave?

    Pursuant to the General Order of Chapter C of Article 37 (b), an officer pursuing a course over 12 months, shall be deemed to have spent all the leave he was entitled to before the course.

    However, employee are eligible to get not more than 7-day leave for those who have recently completed their training or courses that last for more than 12 months. This leave should be deducted from the leave that will not be eligible for re-employment. For example: Officer A still has 2 days leave before he leaves for the course. It is entitled to 2 days' leave based on the vacation leave available before the course. This approval is under the responsibility of the Head of PTJ. Officers must submit their application to the Head of PTJ after reporting on duty from study leave.

    Employee's who take training or courses beyond 12 months are also not eligible to apply for forwarding their leave and GCR because their leave before this is considered expired.

    The above process only applies to permanent employees.


  3. Recently i have applied for a Study Leave extension. However, my application was rejected by the Scholarships and Student Leave (JKBCB) Committee Meeting. I do not intend to return to Malaysia because my studies were not yet completed. I understand that there is a benefit of Leave whithout salary. Can I apply for this benefit without first having to report to UPM?

    Employees / TAMs must report one day after the original deadline / final date of Study / graduation (end of examination or thesis submission) / arrival date in Malaysia (for overseas study) whichever is earlier or the next day if date which is said earlier fall on Public Holidays / General Holidays.


    The Study Leave section will issue a Duty Report for the employee / TAM and they must report within 14 days from the date the letter is issued. Failure of reporting within the stipulated period the employee / TAM will be considerd as Breach of Contract.


  4. Is postponement allowed during the period of Study Leave? If so, what should I do?

    Employee's / TAMs may be considered to postpone their studies. The application must be made 3 months before the date of suspension.

    Below are the documents that need to be submitted to apply for postponement of study:

    1. Application for postponement of study with letter of justification from Employees with reviews from the Dean and Head of the Faculty Department.
    2. Related supporting documents (Ex: If for health reasons, please attach a health report from a specialist)
    3. Letter of permission withholding from university of study
    4. Recent Progress Report


      The Study Leave section will notify the officer of the decision ;

      1. In the case of eligible for postponement, employee who is pursuing a domestic study will be asked to report duty and return to the Center of Responsibility (PTJ) until the end date of postponement. If the employee are studying abroad, he or she is required to continue his or her studies after the postpentment period.
      2. If the postponement application are rejected, the employee will be asked to proceed their study until the end of their study leave period.

    Upon end of the postponement, the employee is required to resume their studies until graduate by submitting the proof of registration to the Study Leave Section.


  5. Can I apply for Maternity Leave while on study leave?

    According to JPA rules, there is no concept of a leave in another leave or the use of two (2) benefit at a time. Therefore, employees on study leave will not be considered to have a maternity leave. Accordingly, the officer is advised to apply for postponement of study leave for 3 months before the date of birth and to report on duty so that maternity leave application can be considered and recorded.

Updated:: 12/03/2020 [syazaliyana]


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