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Exit Policy

Serdang, September 18 - The Registrar's Office, Universiti Putra Malaysia in collaboration with the Public Service Department (JPA) held a briefing session on Exit Policy to all staff at the Center for Responsibility (PTJ) at UPM.

The briefing was held on the date and time as below:

Date: September 15, 2017 (Friday)

Time: 9.00 am - 12.00 noon

Venue: Auditorium, Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office of Research and Innovation, UPM

The Public Service New Remuneration (SBPA), the Government has further strengthened the separation policy to enable firm action taken against troubled and low performing officers as well as having integrity levels that could tarnish the image and impair the delivery of Public Service.

The implementation of this separation policy will maintain a committed and performing officer to enable the Civil Service to further enhance its competitiveness to meet the challenges of the present and future environment in line with the people's priorities and achievement priorities.

This separation policy also provides exit routes for performance officers with no career advancement opportunities as well as officers with health problems that affect their ability to perform their duties.

The briefing has provided an overview on the implementation of the Exit Policy which will be implemented at UPM. All staff are expected to understand the processes described by the Public Service Department (PSD).

Presentation slides have been displayed under the heading of Publications on the Registrar's Office website. The video footage of the briefing was also performed and will be displayed after the IDEC completes the editing session.

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