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Annual charging process 2016 For the Management & Professional (academic)

Serdang, July 21 - Remuneration and Performance Section, Office of the Registrar will begin to open up the process of performance evaluation in 2016 of the Group Management Professional (academic). This assessment will mela held on July 21, 2016. It is the determination of the weighted diigatkan be resolved so that there will be no negative implications as there is no salary increment for 2017, the promotion process, flexion or appointment will be affected.

Performance evaluation is no longer carried out manually, therefore, advised all staff to carry out the determination of the weighted KPI / BCC within a specified period by accessing the e-LPPT academic. The system can be accessed on the homepage of the Office of the applicant or directly in the address Http://

Any questions can contact the Head of Remuneration and Performance Ms. Ima Siti Munirah at ext: 1558 and the staff responsible, Ms. Azima Hidayatul at ext: 1546 and Pn. Nurul Syamimi Sumairi ext: 1543.

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