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5S Activity of Registrar's Office

Serdang, 17 August - 5S activity of The Registrar's Office was held succesfully and the activities started from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm around the Registrar's office.

The objective of the activity is to update every section of 5S corner and to arrange the work space of each staff in the Registrar Office. In addition, others activity such as sweeping, stacking, disposal and uniformity activities are also carried out through out the activities.

It is hoped that with this activity, it can train and sow the attitude of being fair and regular in the workplace. This practice must be practiced by each staff member in the Registering Officer in a continuous manner to cultivate the Practice of Quality Workplace at Work (5S).

Date of Input: 27/08/2018 | Updated: 27/08/2018 | syazaliyana


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