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Retirement Preparedness Training


Retirement is an important phase in an employee's life. This phase is a stage in which a person is able to live their lives to the fullest. Someone who is not ready to retire will certainly have trouble adjusting to life in retirement. Someone who is not ready to retire will have trouble adjusting to the retirement. Thus, UPM has provided Retirement Preparedness Training to staff in preparation for the future of retirement. One of the main objectives is to enhance skills and knowledge through training that can add value to new careers that retirees will pursue. Proper career management can help retirees to see how well they are capable of new jobs and can even adapt to the job situation. In addition, this training will also enable pensioners to establish a network of partnerships with the participating agencies while increasing their confidence level in the field to be involved.This training can be conducted at any university, institution, agency or company in Malaysia. Some of the areas that potential retirees can venture into are business, entrepreneurship, education and more. Staff is allowed to choose one (1) field only and the period of completion of the Retirement Preparatory Training is less than three (3) months with approval of the Head of Responsibility Center (PTJ). The application must be approved by the Head of Responsibility Center (PTJ) and submitted at least one (1) month before training and submitted to the Human Resource Development Division, Registry Office, UPM. For more information, please visit the RETIREMENT TRAINING GUIDE GUIDELINES.pdf



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