FUN AT WORK  is a key to success at work. When we discuss about having ‘Fun at Work’, some people might feel strange and start questioning on how can we have fun at work? Whether we realize it or not, most of our daily hours are spent at work place with our colleagues. Working is our main responsibility in order to support our life and families. Yet, how many of us actually do love our jobs?


Imagine the situation if we do not enjoy what we do, there is absolutely no fun at all. Thus, we need to struggle to go to work and allow ourselves to be surrounded with negativity like boredom, laziness, and keep complaining about everything all day long. When evening comes, then we are happy as we are eager to go back home. The lack of work ethics, working motivation and practical supervision system result in poor quality of work, decrease productivity and create unsatisfactory service quality.


Something to ponder: Is it possible to combine excellence, quality and good services with fun at work? Could it be possible for us to step up by liking the tasks given to us?


The key of personal success is the productivity which depends on passion, work ethics, fun and love for work. As we enjoy doing our works, we do not care much of time spent, yet we enjoy doing it to our own satisfaction.


To ensure fun and work satisfaction, we must:


  • Always be honest, trustworthy, open-minded, well-liked, communicate effectively, attractive, highly-motivated and polite;
  • Be an expert in our working field. We should feel proud, take up opportunities to do our best for the tasks, even when others are unwilling;
  • Always strive for the best to achieve university goals as a personal goal and overcome the obstacles and challenges;
  • Always get interested to understand the problems and challenges. Take initiative to provide and execute solutions based on experience and skills; and
  • Willing to work beyond the required time and multiply the effort without expecting a reward;
  • Always remember that we do work to gain the Divine Mercy of Allah, not for human praise.

No employee is happy at work every single day. Even with the jobs you are passionate about, it can still sometimes be frustrating or tedious. However, if your career is something you generally enjoy and feel proud of, you are more likely to feel happy at work.

REMEMBER Rewards that we receive in life reflect our noble level of services to others and always remember that we are working for God and hoping for the rezki gained for our family is God blessed.


In-Text Citations:

Memburu Kejayaan – Allahyarmah Datuk Dr. Maznah Hamid


Date of Input: 08/08/2020 | Updated: 08/08/2020 | mozaid


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