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Healthy Mind Generate Organizational Productivity

Workers are an essential asset to an organization. Both parties has a strong relationship like the Malay proverb “seperti aur dengan tebing”. They complete  each other and  their synergy  will continuously provide quality services to the customers and their shareholders.

Nowadays one of the challenges face by an organization is a workers’ health, both physically and mentally. The factors which influence the workers’ health are their work environment, workloads, support from the organization, cooperation from their colleagues, etc. Moreover, workers’ health problem relates much to their lifestyles including their eating patterns and unhealthy habits such as smoking and not doing enough exercises. There is a Latin saying “Mens sana in corpore sano” which means a healthy body can sustain a healthy mind”.

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, workers are not only at risk of exposing  themselves to the virus infection but also lead them to another health problem; stress. The new norm required them to accept work pattern that has totally transform as they not only need to adapt to the new norm in their daily lives but also in their works pattern to ensure that jobs can be carried out as usual. 

Workers who are facing stress due to heavy workloads or personal matters problem is in need of counselling services.  This will help them to cope with their difficulties and give them motivation. We should not take ease on mental health problem as it will affect productivity in an organization that will somehow affect causing the key performance indicator of the organization.

In order to deal with these problems, they are encourage to practice healthy lifestyle especially in food intake and doing more exercises, always think positive and get involve in many social activities with families and friends. A healthy mind could bring up creative ideas which will contribute to the organizational productivity. A conducive working environment will help the workers to do their jobs in an effective way. Organizational support also plays an essential role in ensuring their workers’ to always be efficient, trustworthy and dedicated. Strong collaboration with colleagues will enable an organization to achieve their aspirations and goals.

In fact, the organization should be concern on their workers’ health especially in mental health. A healthy mind and emotion will strengthen a proactive and effective mind and action, hence it will contribute in generating organizational productivity.

Date of Input: 26/04/2021 | Updated: 26/04/2021 | mohd.hasrul


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