Values of Work Ethics:-

The Universiti Putra Malaysia Work Ethics is based on (12) good values:


  1. Trustworthy
  2. Just
  3. Truthful and Transparent
  4. Wise
  5. Grateful and Patient
  6. Efficient, Prompt and Accurate
  7. Sincere
  8. Compassionate
  9. Disciplined
  10. Honest
  11. Responsible
  12. Dedicated

1. Trustworthy

A trustworthy staff is sincere, has good intentions and a clear conscience.  Every conduct and action of his is sincere, fair and equal.  He is responsible in discharging his duties without abusing his power of position.  For example, he must:

(a) Always be responsible and accountable in performing his duties;

(b) Be honest and loyal to the organization and does not take advantage of this power or position.;

(c) Manage time effectively and is able to meet deadlines and observe the working hours at the office.;

(d) Be disciplined and able to refrain himself from any misconduct that will affect his credibility;

(e) Responsible in reporting any breach of trust or abuse of power at the office.

2. Just

To be fair and just in considering actions and decisions based on rules regulations, procedures, priorities, and accurate facts.  Hence, every staff must:-

(a) Gather complete information on the requirement of the law and regulations and consider the importance of accurate information before making any decisions or taking any actions;

(b) Assess all information objectively and professionally;

(c) Accept opinions and is willing to reassess when presented with more accurate and complete information;

(d) Make critical and analytical assessment using correct methods;

(e) Appreciate the rights and needs of every group and individual and show full consideration towards others;

(f) Balance one’s attitude and show fairness to oneself, to superiors, colleagues and other members of the staff.

3. Truthful and Transparent

Every action and decision made must be transparent and the information must be disseminated to the right person/s or bodies as long as it does not contravene any rule and regulation. All staff must be truthful with their action and intention.  For example:-

(a) Having good and honest intention in discharging duties, without any hidden motive or reward;

(b) Telling the truth and honouring their promises;

(c) Ready to learn or accept others’ views and advice;

(d) Able to give or receive clear and accurate and non-confusing instructions;

(e) Willing to share their experiences, knowledge and expertise for the success of the organization;

(f) Practise teamwork and will always deliberate with others before making decisions or taking any actions;

(g) Be open-minded and not judgmental when giving opinion and be confident in upholding the truth;

(h) Informing appropriate authorities within or outside the organization of any actions taken or decisions made.

4. Wise
Using one’s wisdom in making appropriate and timely decision and action.  Possessng valuable knowledge, competency, creativity and ability to plan systematically and strategically, for example:-

(a) Utilising one’s capability and expertise and potential to achieve success and not taking and easy way out;

(b) Capable of introducing and implementing new approaches that will facilitate work and optimize the usage of energy, time, and cost as well as increase productivity and quality of work;

(c) Striving to continuously produce work of high quality;

(d) Possessing rational thinking and just consideration in solving problems;

(e) Continually improving one’s knowledge, expertise and professionalism.

5. Grateful and Patient

Patient, persevering, and resilient in facing work pressures, external demands or any difficulties.  Always grateful of rewards or commendations for instance:-

(a) Able to provide good service though faced with tremendous work pressure;

(b) Able to control one’s emotion in facing challenges and is determined to overcome them;

(c) Appreciating awards and rewards only as a measure of success and not regarding them as a right;

(d) Ready to acknowledge those who have succeeded without prejudice or any disparaging act;

(e) Calm and willing to accept decisions, failures, difficulties as well as not easily succumbing to failures;

(f) Satisfied with given rewards and facilities provided.

6. Efficient, Prompt and Accurate

Be efficient, prompt and accurate in discharging duties.  Always be sensitive to time, work quality and diligently attempting to complete the work and achieve the goals within an appropriate time frame, for example:-

(a) Working conscientiously, industriously laboriously and positively ensuring the completion and quality of work;

(b) Performing tasks and responsibilities patiently, carefully and cheerfully;

(c) Doing it right the first time.

7. Sincere

Sincere in fulfilling one’s responsibilities to produce the best work output without expecting rewards, for instance:-

(a) Accepting work assignment willingly, with an open mind, and does not stall or avoid responsibilities;

(b) Performing the job solely to help achieve the organization’s objectives, and does not expect promotion, privilege or attention;

(c) Treating others as equal and non-discriminatory;

(d) Ready to accept feedback and criticism with an open mind;

(e) Respecting each other without any ulterior motives.

8. Compassionate

Having thoughts and actions reflecting tolerance, appreciation and consideration for others, for instance:-

(a) Forgiving and understanding, not vindictive, proud or arrogant;

(b) Respecting every individual’s rights and pride without prejudice;

(c) Showing consideration and concern in carrying out duties;

(d) Regarding the organization as a close knitted family;

(e) Sympathetic and emphatic in carrying out daily routines.

9. Disciplined

A disciplined employee is always able to exercise self-control in accordance with rules and regulations, principles and pure values, for example:-

(a) Cautious in actions and conduct;

(b) Abiding by all instructions, rules and regulations;

(c) Having faith in religion and always preserving self-dignity, the integrity of the service, organization and nation;

(d) Meticulaously performing duties and responsibilities with minimal supervision.

10. Honest

Honesty signifies purify of the soul and body.  In  the UPM work context, honesty means conduct and attitude that do not show bad intention, prejudice, envy, rage jealousy, vengeance, and so forth.  Honesty also means being sensitive to the perception of honesty and also being honest in acquiring wealth.  For instance:-

(a) Having courteous relations between officers/ colleagues and customers;

(b) Avoiding offensive remarks;

(c) Always maintaining a clean and tidy look while maintaining an organized work area;

(d) Ensuring that wealth is acquired legally and honestly which commensurate one’s position and ability;

(e) Avoding the incurrence of heavy debts that may lead to such heinous crimes such as fraud, embezzlement or corruption.

11. Responsible

Responsible and committed in ensuring all delegated tasks, assignments and promises are honoured and effectively delivered.  Being Responsible also means abiding by the rules and regulations and proper procedures, for ecample:-

(a) Upholding the saying ‘where there is a will, there is a way’;

(b) Adhering to rules and regulations when carrying out duties;

(c) Accountable for any actions taken;

(d) Working with a sense of compassion, willing to help, to receive and to treat students, staff and the public equally;

(e) Maintaining confidentiality of all restricted information from the public;

(f) Maintaining a high level of professionalism when carrying out duties;

(g) Preserving Universiti Putra Malaysia good reputation.

12. Dedicated

Interested and willing to sacrifice time and energy on a continuous basis when carrying out duties.  Being competitive and motivated to enhance performance and ready to accept advice or criticism, for example:-

(a) Working conscientiously and is willing to accept any given task;

(b) Willing to sacrifice time and energy to complete a task;

(c) Focusing on work in achieving the mission and objectives of the organization.

Sources : Integrity Unit, Universiti Putra Malaysia 

Updated:: 20/10/2016 [fahezah_nor]


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