1. Plan, manage, monitor and transact medical facility staff and retirees UPM
          a) Business Books Medical Staff;
          b) Bill Payment Panel Clinics, Hospitals, IJN, Dialysis Center, NPFDB, and the National Tuberculosis Centre and University Health Centre;
          c) Issuance of Letter of Guarantee (GL);
          d) Appointment of Clinical Affairs Panel;
          e) Claims of medical / dental / medical examination staff;
          f) To update staff / dependents in the file and sistemMenguruskan Medical Board;

2. To plan, manage and implement the UPM Medical Committee Meeting

3. To plan, manage and implement the Employee Welfare Committee Meeting

4. To plan, manage and implement the UPM Staff Welfare Fund

5. Manage, coordinate and monitor the UPM Customer Service Day; and

6. Manage and monitor the staff housing loan applications, house relocation allowances, withdrawals for pensionable employees, the Declaration of Employers and Statutory Marital Status

UPM Medical Facilities

Eligible Liabilities Under the Medical Benefits Scheme UPM Medical Facilities: -

1. Wife or wives or husbands legally valid;

2. Children including stepchildren or legally adopted children of legally 

  - Aged under 18 years
  - Aged under 21 years of age is still studying full time
  - There is no age limit for disabled children / disabled

(For the convenience of registered UPM panel clinic, University Health Center and hospitals)

3. Legal parent (biological parent or stepmother or stepfather or adoptive 
    parent family relationship is valid in law. Facilities limited to a mother and 
    a father legally valid only at any one time).

(Limited to facilities at the University Health Center and public hospitals only).

The following documents must be submitted to the Medical and Employee Relations Section, Office of the Registrar for the purpose of verifying the information.

Bill. Copies of the documents required liability

1. Husband / Wife Marriage Certificate

2. Biological children / stepchildren Letters birth / MyKad

3. Letter adoption Welfare Department (SWD)

4. Children with disabilities / disabled disabled registration card / letter doctor

5. Children 18 years and under 21 who are still learning study offer letter / 
    confirmation of full-time students

6. Parents MyKad

7. MyKad parent and step-parent marriage certificate

8. Adoptive parents a letter MyKad and Welfare

Addition of dependent information

1. If there are additional charges, officers must complete Form Change 
    Dependent Information (OPR/PEND/BR02/PERUBATAN 04) to include the 
    relevant documents to update the information in the system.

Treatment Facility

1. Treatment in clinics / hospitals

Employers must obtain Certificate from their respective department.

2. Treatment Panel Clinic

Treatment incurred for outpatient treatment is only limited to RM45.00 for a single treatment. Charges that exceed the limits must be borne by the officers themselves.

3. Treatment at the University Health Center

4. Outpatient Treatment of Non-Panel Private Clinic

If the clinic / hospital or clinic government panel could not be reached when the officer is out of station, the officer may seek treatment in private clinics (for out-patient treatment) and to claim back limited to just RM45.00.

5. Emergency Treatment

Expenses for emergency treatment at private hospital / clinic in the state closest to the emergency scene can be considered the treatment provided for the case really needs immediate treatment to save the lives of patients and the emergency status is confirmed by hospital physicians / Private clinics that treat.

6. Treatment of Private Physicians

If confirmed by the authorities at the government hospital that specializes treatment facilities are not available in government hospitals at the time required by the nature of the illness, the officer / dependents can get expert consultation and treatment in a hospital or private clinic.

7. National Heart Institit (IJN)

The IJN funded by the University if referred by a General Physician / Physician Cardiologist from the clinic / hospital or clinic Government / private hospitals.

8. The National Population and Family Development Board (NPFDB)

Expenses incurred by the University to address primary infertility treatments infertility only, for those who have never been pregnant and had difficulty containing

9. Hemodialysis Treatment

Expenses for the treatment of hemodialysis Panel University and private hospital / clinic can be considered limited to the treatment subject to a maximum of RM200.00 RM70.00 for each treatment and injection of Eprex.


Medical Expense Claim
- Please complete the Medical Expense Claim form 
  (OPR/PEND/BR02/PERUBATAN 05) for the approval process.

- Please attach original receipts. Supporting documents such as letters of a 
  doctor's referral, prescription, and quotations from suppliers of equipment to 
  be attached if applicable.

- For claims exceeding RM1, 000.00, please lampirkankan Medical Facilities 
  Expense Request Form Under Circular No. 21 of 2009.
Claim Health Inspection

- Claim medical examination only are eligible for the new staff to report to 
  duty and staff approved by the Scholarship Committee for study leave and 
  study leave.

- Qualify for the officer only, excluding dependents

- Please complete the Medical Expense Claim form  
  (OPR/PEND/BR02/PERUBATAN 05) for the approval process.

- Please attach original receipts and a copy of the Offer Letter / study leave

Dental Claims

- Dental treatment can be made in any dental clinic with eligibility limit RM 500
  per year per staff (excluding staff time).

- For permanent staff, qualifications RM 500 a year is not a valid including 
  dependents including parents

- Staff contracts are only eligible for myself alone

* Form can be downloaded from the website of ISO Management System or 
   can be obtained from the Section of Medical and Employee Relations.

Updated:: 05/10/2015


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